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Food at a wedding in Italy (part 1)
What do you personally associate with a wedding? White dress, nerves, rings, toastmaster, photographer, guests, Banquet, competitions. What if we added the word" Italian "to"wedding"? Will something change? I am…

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Food at a wedding in Italy (part 2)

After three hours of appetizers, the guests finally developed an appetite. Francesca and James invited everyone to a festive dinner at the tables, which were hidden under the ancient trees in the fresh air. The question I saw on the faces of my colleagues: “More food?”As it turned out later, all that was on the appetizer, was only a quarter of the total menu of the wedding. Italy, that here do you say.

Italy wedding menu

We are used to the fact that at weddings make speeches, leading work, loud music and alcohol flows like a river. For Italians, a wedding is first, a family dinner. And if someone wants to say something to the young, they usually do it face to face, without big words. So I give gifts.

Wedding dinner in the garden

At an Italian wedding you need to eat and communicate with people. I noticed a direct dependence of communication on food: the more Italians eat, the more they communicate with each other.

How is the wedding in Italy

The first hot dish was, what would you think, of course, pasta! I don’t remember fettuccine or fusilli opening the hot food parade, but it was damn good. The way of serving the dish was also interesting. The plates were arranged on the tables.

Wedding table decor

The waiters had only to go to each of the 150 guests and prescribe a portion of hot pasta. And so three approaches. Three times on full dishes delicious pasta, from which simply cannot be abandon.

Wedding dinner in Rome

Since James and Francesca would come to the tables during dinner to thank their friends and share a glass of wine, I had to quickly try a new dish and run to film. What I liked in the attitude of the young to all who worked at the wedding, it’s care, which surrounded us. Not only that, the groom was constantly interested, whether we tried this or that dish, so he still obliged us to try the hot in the beginning, and only then go to shoot. Joked that food photographers are bad photographers.

Italian cuisine

The willingness of the groom to discuss we are not used to, so I tried almost everything. But you have to give credit to the cooks. Even though it was pasta, which is not considered a light and dietary dish especially at ten o’clock in the evening, and was the Queen of the table, its taste was so incredible that it easily fit into the stomachs and left room for new gastronomic pleasures.

Wedding dinner in Italy

I don’t know whether to call it luck or bad luck, but we missed the last chord from the chef. At the end of the meal, as the clock ticked past midnight, a steak and baked potatoes were served. I only saw the perfection of meat and vegetables, which created a chef, but did not have time to try, because at this time, Francesca James congratulated parents, and such moments professional wedding photojournalist simply can not miss, even because of the best steak in the world. To make up for lost time had to on desserts.

Dessert table for wedding

A kilo of sweets at one o’clock in the morning is the best end of such a delicious day. And again eyes have become run off in search of moreover, that beckons more: cake, pie, tiramisu, fruits, chocolate, cream, caramel or sweets. There was a hell of a lot of it.

Italian sweets

So many, that Ah simply not eat even all 150 guests, even, if reset already absorbed calories and start all with starters. A few types of jelly was remembered.

Italian dessert
There were two wedding cakes. One large and beautiful for guests, the second small and beautiful for the young.

Wedding cake Italy

As James is actively engaged in the promotion of paintball to the masses, the friends made that tematicheskii a surprise for the bride and groom.

Original wedding cake

Separately, I want to talk about what and how to drink Italians at weddings. To you immediately understood the format of local banquets I will say that I have never seen a drunken guest. Some will say that they do not know how to drink. I object. This is the ability to drink, not to fall face in the salad.


Everyone starts with cocktails or champagne. In the heat of summer, the aperol syringe was a tart coolness. I do not drink alcohol myself for several years, but I still remember the tastes of some interesting things that I managed to try.

What to drink for a wedding in Italy

What immediately catches the eye is the unlimited possibilities for alcohol. The standard bottle-man calculation doesn’t work. The company, which is engaged in catering, takes responsibility in providing the necessary and necessary amount of designated alcohol throughout the Banquet.

What drinks to order for the wedding

Under hotter Italians prefer red or white wine. And after dinner, men can afford a few SIPS of something stronger.

The area of gentlemen at the wedding


Do without coffee, even at night, the Italians can not. In the ranking of local residents, I would put this drink on a par with water. One o’clock in the morning, and they drink coffee and eat this beauty.

Italy wedding

This was Francesca and James’s wedding dinner, which lasted seven hours. At this Italian wedding, I was once again convinced that the path to success of the wedding is through the stomach of the guest. This formula has already been tested on a dozen projects in different European countries. Therefore, if you want to organize a real wedding in Italy, so it was beautiful and delicious, write to us. We are happy to share our experience and suggest the best options for marriage abroad.

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