Want to have a party or holiday, but do not want to stand all day at the stove? Then a great way out for you will be the course-dog bar…

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Thinking of a good party, you need to know that the dishes for the party – a very important point of the organization. After all, hungry guests-not the best option,…

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Want to have a party or holiday, but do not want to stand all day at the stove? Then a great way out for you will be the course-dog bar — table with ingredients for hot dogs.
All you have to do in order to feed the guests — it’s delicious sausages, buns, sauces and additional toppings.

The undoubted advantage of a hot dog bar (except for minimal effort and a small amount of time to create it) is its versatility — each guest will create a hot dog to his taste. And you don’t have to remember who loves what.

By the way, a hot dog bar is one of the best options for treats for a summer party in the fresh air. Sausages or sausages for hot dogs can be cooked on the grill (they will be incredibly delicious!). And guests can enjoy the coolness in the shade, chat or take part in active games or competitions.

Now let’s take a closer look at what you can offer guests within the hot dog bar:


ketchup (spicy and soft, barbecue, etc.)

pickles (finely diced or sliced)
carrots in Korean
pickled onion
salad leaves (e.g. rocket)
cherry tomatoes
cheese (sliced or grated)
Fillings and sauces serve in small bowls, cups, saucepans with a spoon or tongs.

Guests can also enjoy vegetable cuts or salad (for example, Greek salad in cucumber baskets or skewers).

Of course, prepare and drinks — lemonade, compote, juices.

Also, be sure to take care of a sufficient number of napkins, cups, plates, Cutlery (if you serve a salad).

Not superfluous will be trays on which you can put saucers, baskets of rolls and nipples, drinks.

We hope that our article inspired you and now you are ready to arrange a great holiday for yourself and your guests!

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