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Food at a wedding in Italy (part 1)
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What kind of food to order for the party
Everyone at least once in his life threw a party. Noisy groups of friends, fun, games, drinks and food – all this attracts in such events. Here only preparation for…

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What is the easiest way to prepare for the new year holidays, parties and guests?

Some little tricks, topics of conversation and games will make everyone have fun, no matter who came to visit you on a holiday or party. That’s what we’ll talk about in this article: how to prepare for the easiest new year holidays, parties and guests?

Start by setting the mood with music, drinks and other entertainment.

If you want everyone to be in the mood and not be disappointed by any surprises, let everyone know in advance what you want from the beginning. It doesn’t have to be innovative. If you are preparing a light party without a large feast, inform the guests in advance. Or, if you decide to arrange a costume party, give recommendations that the costumes can be, and that is undesirable.

Prepare need…
A few ideas for bored guests that will be useful at the beginning of the holiday, and later:

Make a large batch of soft drinks and arrange them on the tables. Can be supplemented with fruit (grapes, etc), candy: something that is easy to take and eat. This will help the first guests to easily wait for the others.
Create a fun playlist, music that creates atmosphere.
Arrange the house beautiful lighting.
Pull out the old family photo albums and put them on the coffee table. People will naturally pick them up and start flipping through them and sharing stories/memories.
Funny questionnaire
Prepare funny questionnaires, it can be a notebook where everyone can write an answer to an unexpected question, and then you will read the answers aloud, trying to guess who wrote it!

Sample questions:

If you could choose, would you have a personal trainer, personal chef, housekeeper or beautician (or someone else?)?
If you could instantly acquire a new skill, what would it be?
What’s your favorite word?
If you don’t think about your actual age, is there an age at which you feel?
What is your favorite seasoning (drink, dish)?
What place would you never want to go and what place would you like to return to?
Make the questionnaire easy, unexpected, and simple enough that people don’t think about the answer. Ideas you can take in any notebook for self-development.

Topic of conversation
When dinner time comes, direct the conversation to a topic that: deep, weird, thought-provoking (or maybe does all three of those things at once). Think over the topics in advance so that there are no moments of awkward silence at the table.

Simple topics (weather, etc.) are not meant to keep an interesting conversation going for more than a few minutes. Beyond that, they tend not to get too deep — and in fact we often don’t know our family or friends as well as we think (or want to). So the holiday should be an occasion to talk heart to heart.

These ideas can help you:

1. Ask everyone to share something they are proud of but have never had a chance to talk about. Sure, it’s kind of a bragging contest, but it’s also a way to share what’s really important to everyone. Sometimes it’s hard to understand people’s motivations, which can lead to conflict and frustration, but understanding what they’re proud of can be a way to hear them, because it’s a fundamental part of them. You will surely hear a lot of cool and interesting things that you did not know!

2. Tell about each person in the room, describing what you most love and respect. Let others join in, adding something of themselves if desired. It’s very touching. This is a way to make the holiday warm, to feel gratitude for loved ones. If you hesitate to speak aloud, turn on the music, hand out pieces of paper (according to the number of participants in the party), on each of which the name of the person is written on top, and let everyone write what he thinks about him (one rule: write only good).

3. Think about the themes of toasts-good life, friendship, values, trust. The toast can be short or long, it can even be sung. Ask guests to plan their toast in advance. You will be surprised by the depth and variety you will get from each person’s story.

4. If you have a family holiday, ask everyone to bring photos to all together on a large sheet of paper to collect your common family tree (prepare a ruler, pen, pencils, markers and paints). It will remain with you, but the others will be able to take a picture of it for memory.

Leisure on holiday
Prepare in advance a game or activity that everyone will enjoy. From Board games to origami or drawing, knitting and embroidery, anything.

The party is sure to gather people of all ages and abilities, and you will need a few ready-made distractions when it gets boring, too noisy, or if the situation becomes irritated.


Celebrity: it’s a great group game, and all you need for that is just pens, paper, and a bowl/hat/vessel where you put a bunch of sheets of paper. Each person writes down 3-5 names on pieces of paper, and the names can be anyone — family members, celebrities, fictional characters, historical figures — anyone who everyone in the group will know. All the pieces of paper are put into a bowl, the group is divided into two teams, and then everyone in the team takes turns describing the name on each piece of paper to their team until the bowl is empty. Then all the leaves are returned to the bowl, and in the second round only two words are used to describe the name.

Codenames: it’s a great word Association Board game that’s perfect for 4-10 people, it’s relatively easy to learn to play, and it gets even better when you’re really thinking at the same wavelength as someone else on your team. This is just a super version of the game for the party. However, look in the closet: maybe you have your favorite Board games? At a party, if there are a lot of guests, you may even need checkers, chess and dominoes! And, of course, for a long time and everyone’s favorite game Mafia, UNO and just a deck of cards.

If there are small children at the party, prepare a separate table for them with albums, colored paper, coloring books, plasticine, interesting cards, super Stickers, so that they can occupy themselves with something. You can add to this designer, a set of dolls, cars, plush toys. Another idea is to put on the children’s table a small tea set and a set of products so that children can arrange their own tea party (this is adored by both boys and girls).

Buy cheap stupid glasses or hats, masks, ears on the rim, wigs, etc., to create a cheerful mood (you can also ask to bring them to you as a gift, because such things should be collected and stored at home for holidays and children’s games!). Put down the box, and let each guest choose what he wants. And try not to laugh when your serious uncle sits across from you in a witch’s hat and your grandmother chooses a cap with purple pigtails. Let everyone have the opportunity to fool around and have fun, and even Express themselves a little!

Thinking of a good party, you need to know that the dishes for the party – a very important point of the organization. After all, hungry guests-not the best option,…


Thinking of a good party, you need to know that the dishes for the party – a very important point of the organization. After all, hungry guests-not the best option,…


Spinach lasagna
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