Do you want to have a music party? Or are you planning a celebration in honor of a huge music lover? Then be sure to pay attention to the main…

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House party: 5 quick recipes and healthy snacks
The DAYS ARE getting LONGER and the EVENINGS are getting WARMER, and you want the fun to last forever. Arranging gatherings on the balcony or a sortie out of town,…

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Want to make a good menu for Halloween? Then hurry up to take advantage of our tips and ideas! Today we will not only tell you what to feed their…

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Baby shower food. Not just cake

When families begin to plan a child’s birthday party, a children’s party, cake is often one of the first decisions made as to what the holiday will treat children. But we must not forget about the rest of the menu; cake – this is only a small part.So, don’t forget about the other side of food. To feed the guests, you need more than just a sweet cake. Whether you are going to serve a full meal or just have a small snack, it is important to consider a balanced menu that will suit all your guests.

Time is everything
Your menu should depend on the time of the party.

For example, if you expect guests to arrive at 5 p.m. and are going to serve only nuts and cake, you are not quite right. Evening time – time for a full meal, so you will definitely need to organize a feast.

Dessert and snacks as a single meal are perfectly acceptable if your celebration starts at 10am or 2pm; this is not a time when participants expect a full meal. Nevertheless, you should in any case warn guests, somehow will feast. Because even at lunch, people can already expect you to have a full table.

Consider the age group
Older kids can eat almost anything: big slices of pizza, raw vegetables, big sandwiches, different salads, hot soup, really anything.

For kids menu should be prepared carefully. You will need to cut the pizza and everything you plan to offer into small pieces that you can take with your hands. And be careful when serving kids something that’s too hard to swallow or something that’s too crunchy, like carrots or other hard foods that toddlers might choke on.

Serve simple, clear food that does not raise questions about what it is.

Need simple ideas?
Buy at the store thin breadsticks, which are sold in a box. Spread one end with butter or soft cheese, then wrap with a thin slice of Turkey, ham or other deli meat. Is obtained tasty.

Make fruit kebabs by slicing pineapple, melon and watermelon into small pieces and then putting them on wooden or plastic skewers. Immediately remove the skewers from the table after they are empty, so that children do not play with them as with sticks.

Make ordinary sandwiches unusual, cutting them with molds, unusual slicing cheese, sausage, fruit.

Match the theme
If you have a theme party, you can try to find suitable snacks. For example, crackers in the form of fish-for a holiday in the sea or pirate theme. Sandwiches with “dots” of some products on the background of tomato, if the party is held in the symbolism of the ladybug.

Look at the shops and dream up.

By the way, if you have small children at the festival, one of the activities can be a game with food – not real, but a toy. It can be food sets (rubber, plastic, wooden, soft) for role-playing games for kids, as well as pyramids and constructors, Play-Doh sets (ice cream factory and other Goodies).Do not overdo it with sweet

ROOBAR Baobab & Ginger Organic energy bar flavored with dates, baobab fruits, cashew nuts and ginger. Healthy food can be delicious.

A birthday is an occasion to pamper the kids a bit, so don’t worry by giving the kids a great cake and ice cream.

Sweet celebration-well, but all -??? to overdo it need not. Sweet cake and ice cream enough, but first it is best to apply more simple and healthy food, so guests are not left you ill with bad stomachs. Moderation is the key to a good holiday.

If you want more sweets – just collect for each guest-kid a small gift with candy, which he can take with him. You can also buy unusual sweets-many of them are useful.

Be careful of allergies
Ask the parents of the invited kids in advance about whether the children have any food allergies or food intolerance, and plan your menu accordingly. If one of the guests is allergic to something-such products on the table should not be at all, because you will not explain to a particular kid that he should not eat what others eat.

Take precautions when preparing food, so that no bones get into the dishes, etc.

If planning and cooking is a joy for you, then this is awesome! Good luck coming up with clever and tasty menu! But if cooking and cooking is agony for you, don’t overdo it, just order a pizza, a nice cake, and focus on other aspects of party planning, such as decorating and planning games and activities for the kids at the party.

Recipes sandwiches for tea for children’s holiday

With the help of a sandwich maker, you can quickly prepare a juicy toasted sandwich.

Even the bravest young cowboys still need to eat for their birthday. If you do not know what to prepare for children snack, set a large dish with different sandwiches and serve tea.

Sandwiches for tea ( sandwiches) – a healthy, easy and inexpensive way to feed the kids, plus, they can be adapted to almost any anniversary.

There are special devices-sandwiches, sandwiches with them can be prepared quickly and easily, even right during the holiday.

Tea sandwiches: the basics
To make a sandwich, cut one slice of bread, spread the necessary seasonings on it, cut the crust, then cut the toast in half lengthwise. Between these two rectangular pieces you can put any herbs, greens, meat patties, cheese-whatever you like. You can also cut them into triangles or make full big sandwiches and then cut them into a shape that suits the party theme using molds like tiara for Princess, spaceship for space party, etc.

Fry the bread for the sandwiches not necessarily, but fried bread is easier to spread the sauces, the bread will be crispy and the sandwich is stronger, however, these sandwiches have to do in advance to have time to fry all the pieces (and there are many!), cool, fold them into sandwiches.

Make small sandwiches-just a few bites.

Unroasted soft slices of bread can be filled with stuffing and rolled like rolls, securing them with a toothpick (this option is not for the youngest children).

Toppings for children’s sandwiches, examples:

Peanut butter and jam.
Soft cream cheese.
Ham and cheese.
Mayonnaise, ketchup.

Note: be sure to store sandwiches in the refrigerator until serving, if you use mayonnaise or any other foods that may spoil.

More complex recipes of delicious sandwiches

Sandwiches for children, a book with ideas and recipes.

Different recipes – all of them are also very simple, try, look for your favorite combinations that will be nice to provide and guests.

In autumn, you can add some seasonal crispy vegetables to the sandwiches. Brush with mayonnaise one piece of toast, place a piece of Turkey, and then a fairly thick slice of Apple, and top with another piece of toast. You can add a little sage to the second slice of bread. Delicious!

Add to sandwiches, fresh and salted cucumbers, fresh greens.

Spread cream cheese on toast, put strawberry slices and sliced bananas.

Toast with raspberry or strawberry jam and butter.

Spread butter on toast, then place peeled, sliced cucumbers between slices of bread.

Put between slices of toast hard-boiled and cut into circles eggs, lettuce.

Apricot jam in sandwiches goes well with ham.

Spread peanut butter on toast, sprinkle with nuts, top with sunflower seeds, raisins, coconut shavings, wheat germ or muesli.

Spread on bread roast vegetables such as bell peppers and red onions, then top – a piece of mozzarella cheese.

Mix canned tuna with a little mayonnaise and spices, or chopped pickles.

Make lobster mini rolls.

Cook frozen fish sticks and put them on toast with mayonnaise, sauce or ketchup as a seasoning.

Alternate the layers-a slice of ham, a slice of pineapple and mayonnaise, spread between the toast.

Serve sandwiches with bacon, lettuce and tomatoes (plus some mayonnaise).
Mini burgers.

Peanut butter and sliced banana-a great combination for sandwiches.

Pizza-style sandwiches-spread ketchup or sauce on toast, a slice of mozzarella cheese, sliced olives and two slices of pepperoni.

Place the chicken fillet between the toast.

Make mini cheeseburgers, using ketchup, mustard, pickles and tomatoes as a filling.

Grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches.

Spread the bread with peanut butter and Nutella, chocolate paste.

In any recipe, instead of using a sandwich (slices of bread), put the ingredients in between two thin wafers. Also great for snacks cookies-crackers.

Fill the waffle tubes with jam and whipped cream (or eggs and bacon).

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