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Don’t know what to cook for 2016 Monkey? We will tell you what to cook on new year’s eve 2016
Our ideas of what to cook for the New year 2016, will help you to make a festive menu and make it not only delicious, but also fully consistent with the hostess of the coming year — a Monkey.

Despite the fact that the calendar year of the Monkey will begin on the night of 7 to 8 January, no one prevents us to meet our New year with original dishes.

So, what to cook for the New year 2016? Monkey loves fresh, light and low-fat dishes, so this is a great opportunity to cook delicious and healthy dishes, abandoning the very nourishing and fatty.

Vegetable cutting. Tasty, beautiful and very useful.

Snack. Cheese balls in pomegranate, bruschetta (croutons) with fresh or baked vegetables, cheese and nuts, a variety of canapes and sandwiches.


Vegetable salad. Original and delicious vegetable salad recipes can make them favorites on your holiday table. We advise you to prepare a salad “Motley”.

Different variations of salads with Apple, cheese, greens and nuts have an interesting taste.


Hot dishes without meat. Baked potatoes or vegetables, mushrooms, pasta with cheese dressing – all this can replace traditional dishes on your Christmas table.


If you do not imagine your holiday table without meat, you can cook a traditional Olivier, make one or a couple of salads with fish (for example, tuna salad with nuts and grapes), bake meat (for example, chicken with oranges), but still dishes for The new year Monkeys should prevail vegetable.


Fruit cutting. The best dessert in the year of the Monkey will be fruit slicing.


Desserts. However, do not forget about the other sweets — because the Monkey is still sweet :). It can be sand baskets with fruit, canapes of biscuit and fruit or berries, jelly.


You can also please guests by preparing Santa hats.

It is worth noting that the Monkey loves variety, so it is better to cook small portions of dishes, but very different.

Special attention should be paid to the decoration of dishes and Christmas table-Monkey loves everything bright and shiny. Tinsel, candles, bright textiles-all this will make your Christmas table perfect.

Do not forget that the coming year will be the year of the Fire Monkey, so the red color should prevail in the design.


We hope that with the help of our article you have decided what dishes to cook for the New 2016 year. And if you want to arrange a new year’s eve original holiday, the best choice is a tropical party-Monkey just wants to be on it ;).

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