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Wedding menu: to make guests leave happy

Wedding planning is a bunch of pleasant worries. One of the most important and first steps to be taken during the preparation — the choice of a restaurant that will suit you both in price and quality. When it comes to drawing up the menu-that’s where the little difficulties begin. How much alcohol do you need? Water, juice? How many grams of food do you need per guest, so that he did not go hungry?

Wedding menu

There is an opinion that restaurants often offer “everything and more”. The truth in this is still there, so before you go to a meeting with the administrator of the restaurant and start planning a wedding, you need to prepare a little bit, namely — to go for a consultation in the wedding Agency.

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How much food does each guest need?
First of all, during the preparation of the Banquet menu, you need to focus on the minimum required amount of food and alcohol per person. Norm — not less than 1000 g/people otherwise the table will look empty and, most likely, your guests will be hungry. If you are offered more than 1500 g/person, then this is a clear bust. Much will remain intact — for the benefit of profit restaurant. So, the rate of 1000-1500 gr/person, depending on the characteristics of the invited guests and the duration of the Banquet.

When preparing the menu, you should pay attention to a number of factors, such as the time of year, the number of children, gender of guests. Everyone knows that women do not eat as much meat as a man can. Or a well-known fact: in the summer it is better to order lighter fare.

Let’s go through the menu
Cold snack. Here, try not to save and choose different options. Why? It snacks often eat alcohol. Believe me, even at the end of the evening, these small dishes will go ” with a Bang.” Lay just on 300 gr. the total weight of snacks per person – do not lose. As for the placement of dishes, they will look best on common plates. On the table, each guest must find a snack to taste. Perhaps there will be guests who do not eat meat or women on diets.

Hot snack. Here you need to start from your budget. Can be indispensable and without them or order on minimal weight-100 gr. on man. What applies to hot snacks: julienne, a variety of pancakes, hot stuffed vegetables, omelettes, seafood in batter and more. If hot snacks are not portioned, they can also be spread out on common dishes.

Salads. The best would be to order 3 kinds of salads. The main rule is that one was quite traditional with chicken or other meat, the second-with seafood, and the third — the original, to the delight of real gourmets. Salads are best ordered in portions, in extreme cases — you can put on tartlets. That concerns exit on one person, then 100 gr. will be enough.

Wedding snacks

Main course. There should be at least two types of hot dishes. Traditionally, it is fish and meat, in a percentage of 1: 2. The hot dish is necessarily a portion of each guest, but the side dish can be served on common dishes. It will be good to provide 2-3 types of garnish, for example: rice, potatoes, grilled vegetables. The yield of the hot dish is 200-250 gr. per person, and garnish only need 100-150 gr.

Bread and fruit. Bread eat almost everything, but given the many snacks, you need to order it on average 4 pieces per person (about 120 grams.). Fruits it is desirable to choose seasonal and small, such as grapes, apples, tangerines, plums, nectarines. Or you can make fruit slicing, which will be a great option for a light snack and decorate your holiday table. In the number of enough will on 150-200 gr. of the total fruit weight per person.

Wedding cake and loaf
One of the most beautiful moments at the wedding is the removal of the birthday cake. Basically, it is baked to order and couples often try to order more, although this is absolutely not worth it. Maximum yield of dessert-150 gr. on man. No more! It should be borne in mind that the cake is served at the very end and not all guests are set up for sweets.

Wedding cake

Wedding cake is more like a compliment for guests during the celebration, not a separate dish. Therefore, if the confectionery you offer a cake weighing 10 kg for 40 guests-it’s definitely not professionals.

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Also, if you want to please guests with a delicious loaf and hand it at the end of the holiday, you know that the output per person is 100-150 grams.

Alcoholic beverage
The main advice in the selection of alcohol: do not choose the wedding table atypical alcoholic beverages such as rum, tequila, whiskey, martinis, liqueurs… in most cases, the bulk of the guests prefer the more familiar classic drinks: vodka, wine, cognac, champagne. Of course, you can adjust to almost every guest and pour a particular drink to a particular person. But for this, at least, you need to know that absolutely all your guests drink to avoid awkward situations, for example “ ” Why do they pour whiskey, and I cognac!”.

Alcohol at the Banquet

If we talk specifically about the number:

Men (per person)-0, 75 liters of wine, 0.7 liters of vodka, 0.25-0.3 liters of champagne.

Women (per person) – 1.2 liters of wine, 0.5 liters of vodka, 0.5 liters of champagne.

Water and juices
At the wedding Banquet must be juices and water. Water, as a rule, is taken with gas and without gas in the proportion of 1: 3, at the rate of 0.5-0.6 liters of water per person. Juice need to buy 2-3 species. The number of juices per person is about 1, 5-2 liters, and if we are talking about the hot season, then 2-2, 5 liters per person.

If you are planning a full meal with tea and coffee under the cake, then you need to know the number of servings per person. Try to order tea and coffee in a 2:1 percentage. Or agree on the payment for these items on the fact of drinking, if possible.

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