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Here you will find original recipes of sandwiches that you can make not only for a picnic, but also for Breakfast :). The use of delicious and healthy products, as well as the ease of preparation will make these recipes your favorite:).
Sandwiches for a picnic-this is the right dish. Sandwiches can be a snack during a game of football, after team competitions or replace them with snacks.

Our sandwiches for a picnic, the recipes of which in the majority do not contain the exact amount of necessary products — it is a traditional food that is liked not only by adults but also by children! Vary this figure depending on how many people will be present at the picnic.

sandwiches for picnic

mozzarella cheese
anchovy fillet in oil
2 eggs
150 ml of milk
olive oil
Cut the bread, cheese, anchovies convenient pieces. In one deep bowl beat egg, in the other – milk. Dip 2 pieces in milk, put on one cheese, anchovies, cheese again and cover with another piece. In a deep frying pan pour the oil, dip the resulting sandwich in an egg and fry on both sides until Golden brown.

Serve hot.

sandwiches for picnic recipes

margarine for greasing bread.
boiled eggs
tuna fillet
mayonnaise (a bit)
Spread bread with a thin layer of margarine and fry until Golden brown. Then lay out the main components of the sandwich in this order:

Slice of cheese;
A slice of ham;
A slice of tomato;
A little mayonnaise;
The circle eggs;
Tuna fillet;
Cover with the next piece of bread.
Bon appetit :).

eggs (preferably homemade)
cherry tomatoes
dill or parsley.
olive oil
Pieces of bread fry on the fire with a grill for meat. Fry an egg.

Jamon fry in a frying pan for 1 min., it should not be fried.

Tomatoes also fry very quickly, they should not be disintegrated. Form this sandwich and serve:).

«sunny Italy»
mozzarella cheese
the toasted bread square
olive oil for frying
salt and pepper
spring onions for decoration
Cut the bread and cheese into convenient slices. Fold the bread-cheese-bread sandwich, dip the egg-milk mixture and fry in olive oil. Salt, pepper, decorate with herbs.

If there are children at the picnic and they refuse to eat adult food, you can feed them a fabulous sandwich. To do this, use the following recipes.

Canned corn
All products are finely chopped, forming a bright beautiful mass. Bread spread with mayonnaise, and put on top of the vegetable mass. The sweetness of the corn will appeal to children, and the bright colors of the sandwich can be explained by the fact that these sandwiches are eaten by little elves who love sweet and beautiful treats.

1 yesterday’s baguette
50 g sugar powder
300 ml of milk
3 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon maple syrup
1 cinnamon stick
pinch of sea salt
Cut the baguette into slices. After that, pour the milk into a saucepan and bring to a boil, adding sugar and cinnamon. Soak the bread in hot milk, dip in the egg mass, beaten previously.

Toast the bread in olive oil, cool, pour maple syrup, sprinkle with powdered sugar.

You can also see the different types of design, because sandwiches for a picnic-it is not only a delicious dish, but also a beautiful appearance.

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