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Do you want to make a perfect day for your beloved and ready to cook a festive dinner? We know how to help you!

Here you will find not only an interesting menu, but also recipes of simple and delicious dishes.

Using our advice, you will surprise your soul mate and let her know that she is desired and loved and deserves a whole day of rest!

Of course, the perfect morning in every woman’s dream looks something like this:

But, alas, every day to find such a miracle in your kitchen-it is impossible. Try to give your woman at least the morning and evening of March 8. For example, you can start the day with a fun or romantic Breakfast in bed – everyone makes their choice.


Recipes for a festive Breakfast can be borrowed here. There you will find simple and quick Breakfast options.

If your girl does not eat heavy and fried food, make her morning Breakfast of fresh juice, bright fruits and croissants.


Our recipes for March 8 are ideal for those who expect a chic dinner and men who just want to watch romantic movies in the company of his lady. Also below you will find a couple of recommendations for the stronger sex, who organize corporate at work

For option romantic dinner under candlelight choose such it:

Medallions of veal
veal fillet 800 g
dry red wine 200 ml
melted butter 2 tbsp.
onions 1 PC.
hard cheese 200 g
mushrooms 400 g
bell pepper 1 PC.
greens, salt, pepper.
Cut the meat into medallions (round pieces about 1 cm thick), salt, pepper, put in a plate, pour red wine, marinate for 1 hour. Onions and mushrooms should be put out in a frying pan until tender.

Fry the meat on high heat for 3 minutes on each side. After that, spread the medallions on a plate, put on top of the mushrooms and onions, add the cheese and bake in the oven at 180 degrees until the cheese melts. When serving, you can decorate with herbs, bell peppers and pour the concoction of soy sauce and red wine (1-2 tbsp.)

Smoked fish pate
500 g smoked red fish
60 g butter (pre-melt)
60 g soft cream cheese
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1/4 tsp ground pepper
parsley for decoration
Initially, you can buy fish fillet. In its absence, clean the fish, release it from the bones. Finely grind the fish and all other ingredients in a blender or meat grinder. Pate cooling. Put on dry biscuits (crackers), chips, tartlets.

Cottage cheese on lettuce leaves
cottage cheese 300 g
cheese cheese 300 g
sour cream or mayonnaise 100 g
greens, couple cloves garlic.
Mash in a plate of cheese and cottage cheese, add finely chopped herbs and squeeze out the garlic. When kneading it is necessary to obtain a homogeneous soft (!) mass. If necessary, use a blender or mixer.

The resulting mass of cool, roll into balls, spread out on a separate sheet of lettuce.

Pears in chocolate and grated almonds
To prepare this dish you will need a few small pears, chocolate (black or milk-to choose from), 100 g of roasted almonds, mint leaves, 200 g of sugar.

To begin, bake the pears in the oven at 150 degrees. To do this, spread the foil on a baking sheet, spread the fruit on it and sprinkle with sugar. For those who do not like excessive sweetness sugar can not pour. Bake the pears a little (15 minutes). Remove from the oven, cool.

Heat the chocolate in a water bath until a homogeneous liquid mass is formed. Three almond on a grater. Spread the pears on a beautiful dish, pour thin streams of chocolate, sprinkle with nuts. Decorate with mint, imitating the leaves of the fruit.

For the second option-favorite gatherings in front of the TV screen will make your choice in favor of:

Buy pork tenderloin 500g, a pack of spaghetti, 2 bell peppers, 1 onion, 2-3 tbsp vinegar, salt, pepper.

My meat, clean from films and veins, cut into cubes or straws, put in a bowl of water, pour vinegar, marinate. While marinating the meat cut into half rings bell peppers and onions. Cook spaghetti.

Fry the meat in a pan with sunflower oil. After that, put the meat in the same pan put the pepper and onion, fry until tender or taste. After they are ready, mix the meat and vegetables and allow to fry for 2-3 minutes.

After that, serve spaghetti with pieces of meat and vegetables.

For this recipe, you need to prepare a loaf and one of the following types of snacks.

Option 1-fresh tomatoes 3 PCs, marinated mushrooms 300 g, cheese 300 g, greens.

Option 2-crab sticks 300 g, canned corn ½ cans, cheese 300 g, pickled cucumber 1-2 PCs., greens.

Option 3-fried mushrooms 300 g, bell pepper 1 PC, ham 300 g, greens.

Choose one of these options, prepare the products and finely chop them.

In loaf cut 1 top and using a spoon and a knife clean the crumb. After that, stuff the loaf with stuffing. Cut into rings.

Dessert of fresh apples
Take 10 small, slightly sour Apple, 30 PCs cloves (spice) , ½ cinnamon stick, ½ tbsp. sugar, 2 C water, 400 g of prunes, 1 lemon.

Peel the fruit, divide in half if necessary and stick a clove in them. In a separate bowl (pan) pour water, add sugar, lemon peel, cinnamon and boil 2-3 times. After that, put the fruit in the broth and let them boil in it. Spoon carefully pour boiling broth fruit, trying not to break up the halves of apples. Once the apples are ready, take them out and cool.

The remaining broth decant, add sugar, squeeze the lemon juice and put back on the stove, bringing to a boil.

Prunes wash, fill with normal water and give infusions of 10-15 minutes. After that, drain the water.

On a beautiful dish spread the apples between them-prunes and pour the broth. Serve chilled.

Black coffee with lemon and white chocolate
Prepare freshly brewed coffee – 50-70 ml;- white chocolate – 50 g; fresh juice with a lemon – 10 ml. Coffee is better to choose one that you usually drink. After all, a holiday is not a time for experiments. Drown the white chocolate in a water bath, add the lemon juice, whisk the mass. Coffee is brewed according to the usual recipe for you. Pour into a Cup of coffee and top-the resulting mixture of chocolate and lemon.

For men preparing corporate parties, we recommend to prepare a buffet. It is convenient, allows everyone to move around the room, communicate and enjoy the holiday.

Don’t know which snacks to order? Take advantage of our tips in the review “Menu for the party: what to cook”, where you will find not only the Swedish menu, but also a great Banquet option.

You can also make themed dishes. It can be sushi, Italian pizza or sweets.

We are sure that women will appreciate a large selection of confectionery. That is why pay attention to the interesting design of sweet, whether it is a cake or name cakes.


As you can see, our menu for March 8 is interesting and varied. We are sure that you will definitely surprise your soul mate with an interesting culinary solution:).

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