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Food for parties (part 1)

In English, this genre is called finger food-food that is not eaten from plates with knives, forks and other devices, but simply with your hands. Without letting go of their glass of wine and without being distracted from small talk. Arusya Ghukasyan, who can cook for thirty or forty people in three hours, showed in the editorial kitchen of Afisha–Food magazine how much more inventive tiny portions can be than just a tartlet.

Mozzarella with anchovies

Mini mozzarella cheese 5 pieces
Sage leaves 10 pieces
Anchovy fillets 5 PCs
Wheat flour 2 tablespoons
Chicken egg 1 pieces
Olive oil 500ml
Salt to taste
Ground black pepper to taste
Chilli to taste

1. Mix the egg with the flour and dilute with a little water to get a liquid mass of the consistency of the dough for pancakes.

How to check the quality of eggs

2. Pour the oil into a saucepan — enough to dip the anchovy fillets. Heat the oil until it boils.


3. Each anchovy fillet to impose on both sides of a large leaf of sage, in turn, dip in the dough and omit in the deep fryer. When the batter is Golden slightly, spread the anchovies on a paper towel to absorb excess oil.

4. The mozzarella balls to put on a thin ringlet of chili — but without him you can do — and spread the anchovies on top using toothpicks or skewers. Serve hot.

Crab with mango and egg sauce

Phalanx crab 4 pieces
Mango 1 piece
Lime juice 1 tablespoon
Egg yolk 1 piece
Olive oil 200 ml
Butter 20 g
Honey 20 g
Wasabi 2 g
Tarragon 1 stalk
White bread 4 pieces
Corn salad to taste

1. In 150 ml boiling water stir honey and butter,. throw a sprig of tarragon,. Lower in pan thawed meat the crab, peeled from muscle partitions, and boil five minutes.

2. Prepare the egg sauce: pour the olive oil into a high container and add the wasabi and yolk. When it sinks to the bottom, press it with a dip blender and beat at low speed, slowly lifting the blender up until the whole mass is uniformly white. Squeeze the lime juice into the sauce and salt to taste. The sauce will be more than enough for four tartlets-but the light wasabi mayonnaise will not be lost on the farm.


3. Cut into small neat pieces of half mango. On the bread spread a bit of egg sauce (for four servings you will need about one tablespoon), then the mango pieces and the top phalanx of a crab. Garnish with corn leaves.

Roll in pita
Ingredients chicken fillet-300 g    vegetable oil    chili pepper Zira   oregano   bell pepper   — 3 wall red onion   - 1 head cilantro   pita   — 2 sheets leaf lettuce   cucumber …


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