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On this special day you want to please your soul mate in the morning?

We offer you the best ideas for a romantic Breakfast on Valentine’s Day.
In this article we will tell you what is best to cook for a romantic Breakfast for Valentine’s Day and how to present prepared dishes festively :).

The traditional Breakfast dish is scrambled eggs. You can not depart from the traditions :), and showing a little imagination, serve eggs in an unusual performance.

For this you will need cookie cutters (which are from the eggs you can make hearts) or such of cookie cutters (you can buy them here):


Add some greens to the scrambled eggs — and your miracle Breakfast is ready!

A more hearty Breakfast option — scrambled eggs in a sausage.


A simpler option is to simply serve a sausage or heart-shaped slices of bacon with scrambled eggs.


Another great option for scrambled eggs is scrambled eggs in bread. The hole in the bread is made using a cookie mold.


Do you prefer sandwiches for Breakfast? Here is a great example of a “romantic” sandwich :).

Appropriate for a romantic Breakfast will be pancakes or pancakes. They can be served in a variety of forms and variants (with jam and jam, fruit and berries).


Do you want to start the morning with sweets? Here, too, there are many options. For example, you can cook cheesecakes.

You can also bake a cake.


You can also serve toast with chocolate paste or jam.


And, of course, take care of the availability of your favorite drink second half.

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