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What New year without a festive cotton opening champagne under the chiming clock?! But to drink this drink throughout the evening, not everyone likes.

Therefore, in our today’s article you will find a variety of recipes for festive cocktails from champagne.

To start with a few tips:

champagne in cocktails is better to mix slowly with a spoon. Strongly shake is not recommended, because the champagne is very foamy;
use high-capacity glasses, so that the total volume of all ingredients does not exceed 70% of the total;
cool all ingredients and glass well before cooking;
choose champagne of high quality, the taste of the cocktail depends on it.
Pink champagne-120 ml, pomegranate juice-30 ml, sugar syrup-10 ml.

Pour into a glass of juice, syrup and champagne. Gently stir with a spoon.

Vodka-50 ml, lemon juice-50 ml, sugar-1 tbsp., champagne (sweet or semi-sweet) – 100 ml, ice cubes-150 g.

Mix vodka, sugar and lemon juice in a shaker. Pour into a glass filled with ice. Add the champagne and mix thoroughly.

Raspberry liqueur-1 tsp., cherry liqueur-1 tsp., champagne-100 ml.

In a thin glass, pour the raspberry and cherry liqueur. Holding the glass at an angle, twist it to the walls inside were covered with liquor. Pour a thin stream of champagne and serve without stirring.
Champagne-100 ml, liqueur “Chartreuse” – 20 ml, vodka-20 ml, lemon juice-25 ml, ice-8 cubes.

In glass pour juice, liqueur and vodka. Shake well for 10 seconds, then pour the mixture into a cocktail glass, put the remaining ice and gently, using a spoon, pour the chilled champagne.

Grapefruit juice-300 ml, dry champagne-1 bottle., raspberry, grapefruit zest.

At the bottom of the glass, pour 75 ml of grapefruit juice, then fill the glass to the top with champagne. Garnish the cocktail with grapefruit shavings and raspberry on a skewer. Ready drink serve immediately.

Strawberries-12 PCs, blackberries-5 PCs, champagne-1 bottle., sugar-50 gr, ice.

Wash the berries, peel the leaves and place them in a blender with sugar and ice. Then combine the resulting puree with champagne. Cocktail pour on glasses and garnish with whole berries.

Stout-75 ml, champagne-75 ml.

Pour champagne into a tall glass. Put it in a glass spoon and a thin stream pour the stout — so the layers do not mix drinks and provide the necessary gradient.

Orange liqueur – 20 ml, sugar – 1 tbsp, champagne, 150 ml orange juice – 50 ml.

Pour 10 ml of liquor into a small bowl and pour the sugar into a saucer. Dip the edges of the glasses into the liquor and then into the sugar. Should make a sugar rim. Pour in glass liqueur (remaining 10 ml), juice and champagne. Mix gently and garnish with orange zest.
White vermouth (Martini “Bianco”) – 75 ml, champagne-75 ml, lime-1/4 PCs., mint-1 g, ice cubes-160 g.

Fill a glass with ice. Add Martini and champagne. Squeeze the juice of a quarter of a lime into a glass. Stir with a cocktail spoon. Garnish with mint leaf and lemon wedge.

Vodka-20 ml, “Campari” — 20 ml, chilled champagne-150 ml, orange peel.

Put ice in a shaker, pour vodka and Campari, shake well. Pour into a tall glass and add the champagne and cut orange zest.

We hope that our tips will help to diversify your holiday! And perhaps inspire to create your cocktail!

By the way, in the comments you can share your favorite champagne cocktails.

And if you do not want to prepare cocktails for guests, just arrange a Mimosa bar and guests will make a drink to your liking.

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