Here you will find original recipes of sandwiches that you can make not only for a picnic, but also for Breakfast :). The use of delicious and healthy products, as…

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Want to have a picnic, but do not know what to treat your friends? After all, you always want something delicious, and most importantly – not boring. The best option…

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What kind of food to order for the party
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Today we will see what interesting picnic dishes can be prepared with a minimum set of products. It is worth remembering that an interesting dish is not only its taste, but also a beautiful design.
A picnic is not a feast where you need to surprise your guests with a large number of hearty dishes. Picnic – is an active holiday, vitality which support vegetables, fruits and other Goodies :).

Developing ideas for a picnic for children and adults, give preference to the classic set – sweets and fruits.


Picking up interesting dishes for a picnic, you can prepare fruit skewers-they are convenient to eat in the field:).

You can also make a cocktail option.

Also you can make funny and bright cutting. It can be folded in the form of colored cubes – it is not only convenient, but also original.

More different options for fruit slicing and serving fruit you can see in the article “Fruit party”.

Fruit party

Do you prefer more nutritious vegetables? A large number of green salad, tomatoes and other Goodies will make the table appetizing and bright.


And here is another idea of cocktail decoration products:).

Do not overwork those present hearty meat. Personally, I would prefer French fries, hamburgers and other products that are fully consistent with the atmosphere of the picnic.

A great solution for any picnic will be the distribution of portions. This will allow you to prepare a certain amount of food and will not make you worry about whether your guests ‘ plates are empty.

Looking for ideas what cold snacks you can cook for a picnic? Use our ideas! So you can choose the best cold snacks for your picnic, we offer you not…


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