On your holiday table will be sliced vegetables and you would like to submit it as something unusual? In our article you will find a variety of ideas on how…

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Baby shower food. Not just cake
When families begin to plan a child's birthday party, a children's party, cake is often one of the first decisions made as to what the holiday will treat children. But…

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Spinach lasagna
Ingredients lasagna sheets-12 PCs.   soft cheese-90 g butter   — 90 g flour   - 2 tbsp.   milk   — 1 l mozzarella cheese   — 75 g cheese   — 200 g frozen spinach-900…

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What kind of food to order for the party

Everyone at least once in his life threw a party. Noisy groups of friends, fun, games, drinks and food – all this attracts in such events. Here only preparation for an event – often not so much pleasant, how many troublesome process. If drinks can be bought in the store, and they do not need to cook, the food is not so simple.

Buy ready-made food in the store is almost impossible, only if the cold, and the microwave is not in every apartment. And it makes food harmful by releasing ions. Naturally, we must think in the key, where to get fresh, delicious, freshly cooked food. The idea to order it immediately comes to mind. Food delivery services in different cities a lot, do not even have to know any particular company, just enter in the search for food delivery in Odessa. Usually the first in the search gives those sites that are more popular, there you can safely order. For example, Box-catering is a popular delivery service.

What to order?
Most often, the parties bought the food that can not spoil for a long time, it is:

French fries;
To place an order for this food, you should go to the website Box-catering. All of the above can be found in its online-catalogs.

Rolls and pizza are very popular among young people. They look pretty enough, easy to use, and are not so expensive. In addition, basically food delivery is just divided into those who deliver pizza and those who deliver rolls.

Which is better?
For parties it is better to choose a pizza. Any holiday – a long celebration, and not the fact that someone will keep track of how long some food is not in the refrigerator.

Rolls – perishable product, especially in a warm room. They contain raw fish, which, once spoiled, can cause various diseases of the stomach and intestines. Hardly anyone wants to be in the morning not only with a sick head, but with a sick stomach. However, if you know for sure that the rolls will be eaten quickly and order them to a trusted company, then there will be no problems.
To avoid food poisoning at the party:

it is better not to cook yourself, and order food in trusted restaurants or cafes;
do not take perishable products;
on the night it is still advisable to clean the refrigerator, or if the party night, don’t have the rest of the morning.

Choosing a birthday cake-a question no less important than the design of the holiday. After all, a beautiful themed cake can significantly complement the holiday atmosphere, become its final chord.…


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