Want to have a party or holiday, but do not want to stand all day at the stove? Then a great way out for you will be the course-dog bar…

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Food at a wedding in Italy (part 1)
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Preparing a party every hostess thinks about what to surprise their guests! And if it's an evening dedicated to the engagement, the year of the child or the anniversary -…

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Want to make a good menu for Halloween? Then hurry up to take advantage of our tips and ideas!
Today we will not only tell you what to feed their guests, but also how to do it is truly original and scary!

Halloween party menu should not consist of heavy dishes. It is enough to make some delicious snacks and pizzas, interesting sandwiches and, of course, desserts!

Here’s an example of a decorated pizza on our own recipe – a real find for lovers of ekstremalnoe :).

Regular sausage can turn into a real mummies through the test!

The witch’s Broom would be a wonderful snack.

Stuff eggs with any product – from minced fish to pate, sprinkle with a little red pepper and garnish with green onion trim. Than not real pumpkins? 🙂

But this vegetable snack does not require any effort from you. The cleaned pumpkin filled with sour cream or original sauce + the various vegetables spread out around. Original and useful!

Any pate or sour cream sauce, squeezed in the form of such a human body here, will surprise and conquer any of your guests!!

For dessert, you can cook cookies or buns in the form of pumpkins.

From fruit snacks you can use “jaws” of apples and marshmallow slices.

Will you have children at the party? Take care of treats for them too!


But these portion dishes will give the holiday a personal character. In addition, this distribution of dishes at the children’s party is very convenient!

Do not forget about the dishes that can be just a decoration of the table. This, for example, straw poured white and dark chocolate simulating cobweb. Or apples in colored caramel.


Do not forget about the drinks, because any menu on Halloween can not do without alcohol or lemonade. The original style solution will pleasantly surprise your guests!

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