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Coffee lemonade with berry sauce
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Old New year is not only a meeting of the new year in the old style, but also a beautiful holiday with its own traditions. One of these long-standing traditions is the mandatory presence on the table in a Generous evening of dumplings.

Even if you do not adhere to the rites and traditions, why not still in the celebration of the Old New year not to make a highlight in the form of dumplings with surprises.

Just be sure to warn guests that the dumplings with a “surprise” 🙂

Such dumplings are made very simply: take your favorite dough recipe for dumplings, choose a filling (or several fillings) and in the process of cooking, put various “predictors”in the filling. Here and ready new year’s fun guessing :).

So, what can you put in dumplings with surprises and the value of each:

Orange-promises pleasure in the New year

Peanuts-wait for love Affairs

White thread-a pleasant journey

Cherry symbolizes good luck

Peas – promises rest home

Walnut-guarantees excellent health

Buckwheat-a symbol of favorable and profitable news

Mushrooms are a sign of a long and happy life

Grain – to wealth in the New year

Raisins-this year you will be a great temptation

Cabbage – to money

Caramel-promises love in the New year

Potatoes – represents the increase at work

Cranberries – possible unexpected changes in life

Ring – for the wedding in the New year

Red pepper – to upsets

Dried apricots – will joy

Bay leaf – to glory (career growth)

Honey means health

Coin – this is a prosperous year in material terms

Carrots-new acquaintances are coming

The meat – to prosperity

Cucumber is a symbol of a strong man and … good sex

Walnut – you will appear simultaneously two fans (groupies)

Pepper-guarantees a thrill in the New year

Button-year will be with new clothes

Millet and rice – to welfare in house

Sugar-means sweet (easy, favorable) life in the New year

Seeds – you will have new fruitful plans

Salt – possible tears in the New year

Cheese-to win

Cottage cheese – to emergence of new friends

Beans or fish-to replenish the family

Dill – to excellent health

Hazelnuts – this year will be successful acquisitions

Bread-new year will be full and successful

Black pepper peas-to friends

Garlic – the arranged marriage

Apple will be well-deserved award

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