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Candy-bar is an alternative to our sweet tables. We decided to make dessert after the feast, the Americans-to put on the table at the beginning of the holiday, as part of the decor!
That is why in many of our articles we recommend our readers to pay attention to candy-bar and its components!

If you have already done something like this, we offer you interesting alternatives that you will find here.

In order to create a candy-bar (candy bar) with their hands need not so much:

Surface (table, dresser, chest of drawers, folding tables, etc.)
A beautiful bright tablecloth
Various dishes made of glass, wood, porcelain, clay or plastic. Choose not only beautiful, but also practical items. You can also choose the style of dishes for the holiday. If you are planning a simple celebration in the country, it is not necessary to put expensive set 🙂
Homemade cakes, cookies
Small labels for inscriptions, cut out of cardboard or printed on the printer
Balloons, paper garlands, ribbons and other decor that you can afford.
Start by picking up decorations for your sweet table!


After that, children’s candy-bar and its design is completely in your hands! You can pour into vases all available treats, you can arrange light sweet snacks or decorate the table with a large cake!

The main thing-use treats in the chosen color scheme, which will create the perfect picture!


As treats, use marshmallows, macaroons, jelly beans, gum, lozenges, bars, homemade cookies, gingerbread and other familiar sweets!


The main thing – is to show imagination and then do not have to buy anything! The dishes you can take home and cover it with napkins in the same style, decor can be cut out of paper and cardboard!


Sandy-bar for the boy with his hands is better to do in blue, green, brown, orange colors. Use in the subject of his favorite movies and cartoons, characters, cars, construction and other inherent activities of a real man :).


Of course, children’s candy-bar with their own hands is a laborious process, but you must agree, how spectacular and bright the result is!
In fact, there is no difference between a children’s and an adult sweet table. The only difference is the filling!

You can treat your guests with alcoholic cocktails or non-standard pastries, pizza or other more serious products :). However, remember that this is a FoodBar( Foodbar), which has a very different look:).


We are sure that our tips will help you to make the brightest holidays!

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