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Caprese snack is becoming more popular in our country. This is not surprising, because it is very easy to prepare, healthy and tasty.
By the way, Caprese is just an appetizer, although we often call it a salad. However, the name of the essence and taste does not change :).

It is worth noting that the Caprese snack is one of the national dishes of Italy. Love Italians to it is due not only taste, but and those, that she symbolizes flag Italy (consists of such same flowers — red, green and white).

If you also love Caprese and want to treat your guests with this salad-snack, we will tell you how to cook it and show a lot of options for serving this dish.

The classic recipe for Caprese is incredibly simple — you need to put slices of tomato, mozzarella and Basil leaves on top of each other in a circle. Top lightly with black pepper and salt, and drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

It is worth noting that for Caprese, hard fleshy tomatoes (for example, a Bull’s heart) are best suited.

By the way, the Italians serve fresh bread to Caprese appetizer.

As we said above, classically Caprese laid out in a circle. But you can serve a snack in another form. To example, put an its vertically — so conveniently borrow and eat.


Another interesting version of the feed — Caprese in the form of an accordion.


For a buffet table Caprese on skewers is ideal (however, for a picnic too :)).


Caprese in portion cups is also a great option for a buffet table.

By the way, for skewers and portioned Caprese salad, it is better to use cherry tomatoes and mozzarella in the form of small balls.

We hope that now you will be able to surprise your guests with a different kind of the same dish :).

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