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How to organize a beer party?
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Spinach lasagna
Ingredients lasagna sheets-12 PCs.   soft cheese-90 g butter   — 90 g flour   - 2 tbsp.   milk   — 1 l mozzarella cheese   — 75 g cheese   — 200 g frozen spinach-900…

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Many organizers advise not to offer guests too unusual food, it should be simple and tasty. But even a very simple and familiar food can be served so that it will long be remembered by all invited. In our article, a few tips on how you can make a variety and originality in the wedding menu.

Frozen cocktail
On a hot day, nothing will delight guests on a walk like ice cream. And best of all — fruit ice, made of juice and pieces of fruit.
Add a little liqueur or other alcohol and you will get a delicious frozen alcoholic cocktail! Such an original presentation will surely be remembered by the guests.

The ability to create
Give guests the opportunity to personally collect salad for yourself. In a separate “salad bar” place the prepared ingredients and dressings and let each guest make a salad of what he wants.
By the way, so you can please both vegetarians and meat-eaters, and all who have certain preferences in food. Let the table will be products for every taste.

The same can be done with ice cream. Prepare two or three types of ice cream and various toppings (grated chocolate, nuts, rice, whipped cream), let the guests prepare their own dessert to taste.

Of course, you should not get carried away, you do not need to make absolutely all dishes “teams”, there should be ready-made options.
Food from the Park
Remember the delight most people get from food that you can buy at the movies or on a walk in the Park: cotton candy, popcorn, sausages on a stick…
If you choose the style of your wedding informal (eg rustic or retro), then these snacks will fit perfectly into the concept of your holiday.

Delicious coffee
At your celebration will be a lot of “coffee maniacs” who love to try different types of this drink? Treat them by hiring a Barista for a couple of hours, who will prepare a great cappuccino or latte.
coffee in paper cups
Or you can just borrow someone’s super coffee maker and prepare the necessary ingredients so that guests can indulge in a magical invigorating drink.
Cupcakes, macaroons… Why are undeservedly forgotten so yummy like donuts? But they can also become a delicious and bright element of the sweet table.

It is surprisingly interesting to watch how a professional prepares, and then try his masterpieces. At the same time, the chef can not only cook, but also tell how it is done, arranging a real master class for guests.
the chef prepares the rolls
What can be cooked? A great option — sushi and rolls. It’s fast and interesting.
Convenient food
If your wedding takes place in nature and it is assumed that guests will walk on a fairly large area, prepare for them a “comfortable meal”.
French fries, fresh fruits and vegetables, chicken wings need to be packaged in paper bags. Agree, with a buffet plate is not very easy to walk, for example, to the Bank of the river, and with such a bag-the very thing. This is also a very good option for the second day of the wedding in nature.

Soup in a Cup
There are not many fans of soup, but there are his ardent fans. Soup is not usually served as a wedding dish, but sometimes you can make exceptions.
cream of soup in a glass
If your holiday is held in the format of a buffet, you can offer guests ” soups-shots — – small cups with hot or cold cream soup.

Welcome cocktail
We devoted an entire article to this element of wedding treats. Welcome cocktail is not only a drink and a snack, it is a memorable part of the holiday.
By the way, the cocktail bar can also be organized on the principle of “do it yourself”: arrange alcohol, juices, fruits, ice and shakers and allow guests to mix their own cocktails.

Cake boxes
Not all guests have the strength to try the wedding cake. prepare cardboard or plastic boxes in which your guests will be able to put a piece of cake to take away.
cake boxes
salad on one bite
The usual dishes in the format of ” one bite»
It will be funny if the usual dishes, such as potatoes with chops or fish with vegetables, you offer in the format of”one bite”.
Not everyone eats hot at the wedding, but in this form it may be more popular.

Molecular cuisine
Molecular cuisine is, in fact, the usual products that look very unusual: soup in the form of pasta, chicken jelly, horseradish cream.
molecular cuisine
Sounds unavailable? In fact, molecular cuisine is becoming more popular and you can even buy special kits to cook a couple of dishes yourself.

What can you offer guests from molecular cuisine? Unusual salad, dessert or alcoholic cocktails, such as jelly cubes filled with wine.

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