Food for parties (part 2)
Sea bass rolls INGREDIENTS Eight Sea bass 1 piece Prosciutto 4 pieces Butter 15 g Sage 2 stalks Passion fruit 1 piece Figs 2 pieces , Listo taste Ground black…

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Looking for ideas what cold snacks you can cook for a picnic? Use our ideas! So you can choose the best cold snacks for your picnic, we offer you not…

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Snacks on the holiday table-a must. And on new year's eve they should be quite a lot, because the fun, movement, games — all this happens, in most cases, not…

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black and white


On this special day you want to please your soul mate in the morning?

We offer you the best ideas for a romantic Breakfast on Valentine’s Day.
In this article we will tell you what is best to cook for a romantic Breakfast for Valentine’s Day and how to present prepared dishes festively :).

The traditional Breakfast dish is scrambled eggs. You can not depart from the traditions :), and showing a little imagination, serve eggs in an unusual performance.

For this you will need cookie cutters (which are from the eggs you can make hearts) or such of cookie cutters (you can buy them here): Continue reading


Caprese snack is becoming more popular in our country. This is not surprising, because it is very easy to prepare, healthy and tasty.
By the way, Caprese is just an appetizer, although we often call it a salad. However, the name of the essence and taste does not change :).

It is worth noting that the Caprese snack is one of the national dishes of Italy. Love Italians to it is due not only taste, but and those, that she symbolizes flag Italy (consists of such same flowers — red, green and white).

If you also love Caprese and want to treat your guests with this salad-snack, we will tell you how to cook it and show a lot of options for serving this dish. Continue reading


Do you want to have a music party? Or are you planning a celebration in honor of a huge music lover? Then be sure to pay attention to the main dessert of the evening — cake.
Today we have selected for you the most interesting cakes made in the form of musical instruments or decorated with musical attributes.

We are sure that among this variety you will choose the most suitable for you and order similar to your confectioner.

Just imagine how happy the birthday boy or the birthday girl will be when she sees such a sweet masterpiece:
Music cake is also a good opportunity to surprise guests at a music themed party. Continue reading

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