Food for parties (part 1)
In English, this genre is called finger food-food that is not eaten from plates with knives, forks and other devices, but simply with your hands. Without letting go of their…

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Coffee lemonade with berry sauce
Ingredients ground coffee-20 g   water   — 200 ml lemon   ice   black currant orange   — 1 PC. sugar cane-100 g NUMBER OF INGREDIENTS 7 ingredients COOKING TIME   15 minutes Method of…

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Picnic is not only a pleasant pastime, but also a special, marching kitchen. That is why, choosing salads for a picnic, consider a few tips: give preference to easy and…

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Thinking of a good party, you need to know that the dishes for the party – a very important point of the organization. After all, hungry guests-not the best option, agree:).

That is why I recommend you to use the sample menu for the party, which can be divided into two types: Banquet and buffet.

Banquet menu for the party is designed for guests who will be most of the time sitting at the table, which means-will use more food and drinks. Such a food for party must be abundant and diverse.

Buffet menu created for the buffet-a situation where people can easily move around the room, communicate, dance, take part in competitions. In this case, the presence of a table, chairs and hearty meals can only spoil the impression of the party. Continue reading


Hot summer days-this is a great opportunity to have a refreshing party in the style of “Lemon and lime”.
Citrus aroma floating in the air, cool drinks and cocktails, light snacks, as well as bright decor will make your party unforgettable for guests.

Do you want to arrange just such a party? Then read our article in which you will find ideas for the design of the lemon-lime party!

The main color scheme of the holiday is yellow-green. Choose the juiciest and brightest shades of yellow and green for room and table decoration.
By the way, here you can download the lemon garland template. Continue reading

How to organize a beer party?
If you are tired of the annual boring gatherings at the table at home or in a restaurant with an indispensable Olivier, herring under a fur coat and champagne, and…


House party: 5 quick recipes and healthy snacks
The DAYS ARE getting LONGER and the EVENINGS are getting WARMER, and you want the fun to last forever. Arranging gatherings on the balcony or a sortie out of town,…


Want to cook simple picnic snacks for yourself and your friends? Then pay attention to our ideas. Perhaps a couple of them will be appropriate for Your holiday! Sausages in…